Rob Orrison

Rob has been working in the history field for over 25 years. He has a wide range of interests and has worked in museums and historic sites that range from the Colonial era to the Civil War era and the early 20th Century. Born and raised in Loudoun County, Virginia, Rob’s interest in history and the field of public history stem from his childhood. In 1998, during a summer seasonal position at Petersburg National Battlefield Park, he met a kindred spirit and friend in Matt Atkinson.

Rob received his Bachelor’s Degree in Historic Preservation at Longwood College (now University) and received his Master's Degree in Public History from George Mason University. Rob’s knowledge and work experience in Virginia history makes him an ideal tour guide for your adventures across Virginia.

Outside of work, Rob serves as the Vice President of the Virginia Association of Museums, Treasurer of the Historic House Museum Consortium of Washington, D.C., Board of the Mosby Heritage Area Association and on the Board of Civil War Trails.  Rob is also part of the Emerging Civil War blog.  His first book, "A Want of Vigilance - The Bristoe Station Campaign" was published fall 2015 and his newest book "Last Road North: A Guide to the Gettysburg Campaign" was published summer 2016.  He is currently working on a book about the battles of Lexington and Concord as part of the new series "Emerging Revolutionary War".


Matt Atkinson
Matt has been employed in the history field for over 20 years focusing on 19th Century American History, specifically the American Civil War. Born in Houston, Mississippi, Matt graduated from the University of Mississippi with a B.A. in History and a B.S. in Business. He is currently completing his Master's in History at the University of Louisiana- Monroe and writing his thesis on Gen. William Sherman's 1862 Chickasaw Bayou campaign.

Matt's love of history stems from an early age. His mother received numerous conduct reports from his teachers informing her that he should be focusing on his school work, not rushing through it so he could read Civil War books. The passion to learn and study battles never abated and Matt has become well-versed in both the eastern and western theaters of the Civil War. Matt is now working on a two volume series on the Vicksburg Campaign, he currently lives near Gettysburg, PA

About Us
Join us in a new way of learning and enjoying the Civil War and local history. This experience extends beyond the battlefield parks and books. We will take you to the major campaign and battlefield sites as well as additional areas that are not as easily identified but just as important. Take a tour that gives you the full story, not just a quick and easy version you can get from a  brochure.

Who We Are

Civil War Excursion Tours, LLC, combines over 40 years of Civil War and tour expertise. After many years of leading tours on a variety of battlefields, Matt and Rob decided that it was about time to share the fun they have with others. Too often history tours focus only on facts and dates without allowing people to have a good time while they learn. Our tours are set up for you to journey to rarely seen historic sites and hear the lesser known stories while still allowing you to enjoy your vacation, “stay-cation” or just a day away from the office. Learning about America’s defining moment does not have to be a dull day- let Civil War Excursions provide you the opportunity to explore and experience these places that many have seen, but from a perspective you have never experienced before.